my ultimate favorite group is seventeen. i have been a fan since september of 2018 and i am very proud to call myself a carat. my bias is lee seokmin, otherwise known as dokyeom (dk), but i love all the members with all of my heart. i plan to stay with seventeen until the very last 'say the name' and i would sell an arm and a leg to be able to see them perform live.

chungha is the second kpop artist i was drawn to and i became a fan of hers during the gotta go era. she is such a talented dancer and performer and i love watching her due to her incredible stage presence.

i love bts; what they stand for and their music. i was very lucky to be able to attend one of their concerts (05.18.19) and i will forever remember that amazing experience. my bias switches every other day, but at the moment it is a tie between yoongi (suga) and seokjin (jin).